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Above and Beyond the Call

December 7, 2020

This week marked the 79th anniversary since that fateful morning on December 7th when the Empire of Japan launched its multi-pronged attack across the Pacific. Although the attack focused on the destruction of the Pacific Fleet, it encompassed the entire island of O’ahu, with assaults on military bases and civilian facilities. For that reason, the ceremony focused on Battlefield O’ahu. The experiences of those defending the island, as well as the civilians caught in the crossfire, set an example for valor and commitment for generations. Their spirit at the beginning of the war would pave the way to victory and peace, which we also commemorated in 2020, the 75th year since the end of World War II.


The 79th National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day ceremony honored the sacrifices of the service members and civilians who exhibited exceptional courage under fire, and who thus served above and beyond the call.

Japanese torpedo makes a direct hit on battleship USS Oklahoma. This dramatic image captur


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