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Valor, Sacrifice and Peace

December 7, 2021

Each year on December 7th, Pearl Harbor survivors, veterans and visitors worldwide gather to honor and remember the service members and civilians who were killed and injured during the Japanese attack on December 7, 1941. Even with the passage of 80 years, the casualty numbers remain horrific. A total of 2,390 American lives lost in the attack, the majority at Pearl Harbor. Another 1,178 people were injured. Eight Navy battleships were among the 18 Naval ships either damaged or sunk. On Oahu military bases, 178 aircraft were destroyed.

We also remember December 7th was the catalyst that changed our world. The goal of the 80th Commemoration was to ensure that future generations will understand the valor and legacy of those who perished and those who fought throughout the war. The commemoration also highlighted the importance of the peace that brought reconciliation, a reconciliation that continues to move forward today in creating a better future for all. 


We paid tribute to Soldiers, Marines, Coast Guardsmen and Sailors defending O’ahu, as well as the civilians caught in the crossfire. They exemplified courage under fire and perseverance. Their spirit at the beginning of the long crucible of war would frame the template for the securing of victory and peace, recognition and understanding.

Military airfield near Pearl Harbor after the attack, 7 Dec 1941.jpeg


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